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Insurance Review/Coverage

When was the last time you thought about your insurance coverage? What would happen to you and your family if, for some reason, you could no longer earn a living? Every family should review its insurance coverage regularly, to be sure they are adequately protected. Many of life’s events – such as marriage, the birth of a child, divorce, death or even a change in jobs – can trigger the need to purchase additional insurance.

At Florian Financial Group, we help our clients determine what kind(s) of insurance is necessary and how much insurance coverage will adequately meet their needs.  But, because we also work so closely with our clients and are aware of life events that occur, we will also alert them when we believe they need to purchase additional coverage, whether it’s disability, long-term care or life.

Not sure if you’re adequately covered? Contact us and we’ll help you determine whether your current coverage is enough and whether you need additional coverage and/or additional types of insurance so you can enjoy the rewards of independence.