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Investment Management Services

At Florian Financial Group, our single goal is to secure your financial future.

We invest your capital according to the prudent, efficient principles of several independent research sources with proven favorable long-term track records. We are not commission-based, so we have no ties to any products or services. We are simply interested in finding the vehicles that will work best for you, your financial plan and your goals. 

Yes, it’s that simple.

Once we’ve established your investment portfolio, we will continually fine-tune it to keep in step with your life and your plan. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing your investments are being managed prudently and wisely.  We know we’re not just managing your money, we’re helping to direct your future, and the future of generations to come.

Other value-added services provided to you by Florian Financial Group include:

  • Ongoing contact through regularly-scheduled reviews
  • Special reports generated as needed
  • Secure account access via the web
  • Detailed accounting records
  • Robust reporting system allowing for deeper financial analysis

Contact us today to learn more about the Investment Management Services offered by Florian Financial Group, and how we can help you enjoy the rewards of independence!